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Art print size A4 and hand signed.

Printed on 300 gsm paper.

'In Germaine Greer's 'The Obstacle Race' (1980) one of the obstacles for women artists is love. Love for women means betrayal and dependency, their talent is compressed and their reputations limited, both by their involvement in the decorative arts and by their voluntary adoption of secondary roles. Bell and Grant's 'left-handed marriage' (as Woolf calls it) emerges in Greer's dismal picture as 'one of the greatest love stories of our time' - a creative and emotional partnership with a shared interest in decorative environments and a 'feminine' irreverence for monument.' Excerpt from 'Significant Others.' Whitney Chadwick and Isabelle de Courtivron

From an original artwork that incorporates with permission a fragment from a National Portrait Gallery photo of Vanessa Bell.

Louisa Albani 2024.

For overseas shipping please email:

A4 art print of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant

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