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Art print size A4 and hand signed.

Printed on 300 gsm paper.

'The rugged bank and rippling brook were treasures of delight. Emily, Anne and Branwell used to ford the streams, and sometimes placed stepping stones for the other two; there was always a lingering delight in these spots, every moss, every flower, every tint and form, were noted and enjoyed. Emily especially had a gleesome delight in these nooks of beauty, her reserve for the time vanished. One long ramble made in these early days were far away over the moors to a spot familiar to Emily and Anne, which they called ‘the Meeting of the Waters’. It was a small oasis of emerald green turf, broken here and there by small clear springs; a few large stones served as resting places; seated here we were hidden from the world, nothing appearing in view but miles of and miles of heather, a glorious blue sky, and brightening sun.' Ellen Nussey 

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A4 art print - The 'Bronte Waterfall'

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