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A4 original artwork: inks, collage, acrylic, pen work on textured Italian paper.

'Vanessa presided in the dining room, the magnetic centre of all our thoughts and activities. At breakfast she was always down first and sat for some time alone, enjoying her solitude.. would be in her habitual place on the far side of the round table, looking with dreamy reflectiveness at the still life in the centre, or out of the window at the pond and the weather.. as she ate a piece of buttered toast with coarse salt and held a steaming cup in long, straight be-ringed fingers, she considered her letters, absorbed the temper of the day, and braced herself to meet it's demands.' Angelica Garnett, excerpt from 'Deceived with Kindness.'

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A4 original artwork - Charleston collection: Vanessa Bell in the Dining Room

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