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36pp full colour A5.

'A walk with a friend may turn the mundane world into a golden one. In Search of Paradise portrays William Blake and Samuel Palmer as eternal pilgrims, in the footsteps of Dante and Virgil, journeying simultaneously through the natural world and the heavenly one. Blake’s visions and Palmer’s paintings promise that paradise is our birthright, and that if heaven is anywhere, it is here right now. This pamphlet is your invitation to walk with them.' John Higgs

'Samuel Palmer learned from William Blake to see with, not through the eye, bringing the world around him to life with the remarkable illuminations of his paintings, the same illumination that seems to shine from Louisa Albani's illustrations inspired by Blake, Palmer and those other Ancients who surrounded the visionary artist in his later years.' Jason Whittaker

'Here is Blake’s ‘kindling influence,’ as Samuel Palmer called it, burning bright in the woods and walkways of Hampstead Heath. A guidebook for all who seek poetry and art on their earthly wanderings.  

-- Caroline Anjali Ritchie, Blake Scholar


36pp. A5 full colour pamphlet. With contribution by David Mullin.

In Search of Paradise: William Blake at Old Wyldes, Hampstead

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