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‘More than any other artist, Louisa Albani’s work captures Virginia Woolf’s writings in extraordinarily visual and visceral ways’ - Professor Maggie Humm, Woolf scholar and author of Talland House.


For Virginia Woolf, writing and walking were inextricably linked. She made up her books as she walked along, and much of that walking took place on the South Downs in Sussex.


The English countryside surrounded Monk’s House, Virginia and Leonard’s home, offering peace and solitude, as well as a sense of continuity and replenishment, both vital for her creativity.


Using extracts from Virginia’s diaries and letters, which record so evocatively her experiences of walking on the Downs, this pamphlet visually reimagines the journey to her sister’s house.


At journey’s end, Astra Bloom writes movingly about how Virginia Woolf and Monk’s House garden offered her solace and healing and the inner strength to begin again in her own life.

The Journey to my Sister's House: Virginia Woolf on the South Downs

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