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‘Teach these Souls to Fly,’ Blake wrote in a small book of designs. Here is a set of maps for a City that should be, and will be, illuminated by respect for that which once was.’ – Iain Sinclair, author of Blake’s London: the Topographic Sublime.

Inspired by the visionary poet and artist William Blake, this art project travels with him as he wanders through his native London, from boyhood to adulthood, during a time of political revolutions and an ever encroaching industrialised urban landscape.

Blake’s response to the destruction, rebuilding and transformation of late 18th century London was to imaginatively create a symbolic city, a new ‘Jerusalem’. From Golden Square near to his childhood home, to the ‘bar of gold’ that is the River Thames, which he glimpses from his final home on the Strand, Blake offers us ‘the end of a golden string’ and leads us through London, unveiling his ‘golden city’ for the future, inspired by an arcane past.

With written contributions by Simon Cole.

On the London Review Bookshop bestsellers list, 2019

William Blake's Mystic Map of London

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